Since the beginning of the year, there have been over 8,834 wildfires that have burned well over 4.1 million acres in California.


These massive fires are driven by a combination of things such as climate change, difficult wind conditions, arson, government mismanagement, and human error.


The State of California is working overtime with both our local and Federal partners to contain and extinguish these wildfires as well as to help the thousands of displaced families get the resources needed to recover.


We are grateful to all the brave Firefighters and first responders for risking their lives to protect life and property.


Please use the following resources below to stay informed, reduce fire risks around your homes, and to create a personal Wildfire Action plan for you and your loved ones.


Emergency Alerts:

Sign up for free to be alerted by public safety officials if there is an emergency or disaster in your community.

Los Angeles County -- https://lacounty.gov/emergency/alert-la/

Orange County -- https://member.everbridge.net/453003085613900/login

San Bernardino County --


Used to provide incident information for a specific zip code: road closures, general updates, issues affecting larger areas; post-disaster information about shelters, transportation, or supplies; police activity and general public safety information.


Create Your Own "Wild Fire Action Plan":
California historically experiences some of the most devastating wildfires in the months of September and October. Do not let your guard down! To learn more ways to prevent sparking a wildfire visit www.ReadyForWildfire.org.